Rich History with a New Legacy

The rich history of this property spans back to Pennsylvania founder, William Penn. As the deed has passed through hands over time, it has found an inspired resting place in the hands of the Nadu Family. Preserving the legacy, grace, and charm of the property while restoring and renovating Ashland to a timeless stature, the Nadu family is delighted to share Historic Ashland with your family.

Historic Ashland: Before Historic Ashland Now

Classic. Memorable. Effortless.

Classic, memorable, effortless celebration is the new legacy of the property. Jeffrey Nadu, owner & contractor, has breathed new life to the structures on the property, preserving their charm while enhancing them with clean lines, versatile layouts, and modern comforts. Patti Nadu, co-owner, has created an inviting, timeless space ready to take on the personality and theme of your next event.

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Historic Ashland is now managed by the Nadu’s daughter, Leah. Leah is ready to help you bring your dreams to life in this idyllic, inviting, setting.

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