Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

Fall Weddings at Historic Ashland

Inspiring Fall Weddings at Ashland

According to the 2019 Wedding Report by Wedding Wire, 40% of weddings take place in the Fall. Out of the 5 top wedding dates for 2019, September and October hold 4 of the 5 spots. I mean can we blame couples? The gorgeous jewel tones, fall foliage, and pretty much unlimited selection of florals make Fall the ultimate time to get married. In our first wedding season, we did 15 weddings between September and October! That’s a little less than 50% of the weddings we did last year combined! November is shaping up to be ideal for Fall weddings as well, you’ll see why when you view the photos to come.😉

Ashland during the Fall is absolutely stunning, especially with the foliage. Most of the trees on our property are over 200 years old, providing unique, seasonal photo opportunities. Fall seems ideal, right? Well, I know that the weather is one thing on every couple’s minds despite the time of the year. At Ashland, weather doesn’t matter because we have the capability to host the entire event indoors if need be. We also have indoor photo opportunities, to provide variety in your photos.

We have 1 Saturday left for a Fall wedding for this year and have already started booking for Fall 2020! Don’t wait — These dates are the first to go!

Hope you enjoy these Fall weddings at Ashland!

bride and groom holding bouquet at popular Pennsylvania wedding venue